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How to RankEdit

Population- How many people in the country,

Wars Won- How many wars that the country was on the winning side.

Supplies- Amount of supplies they have.

Age- If it is a young but powerful country, they get alot of points for age. If a old but weak country, they get less points.

Rank Types ( Smallest to Largest )Edit

Anarchy Nation Average Stats
Population 1-50
Wars Won 0-1
Supplies None- Very Low
Unstable Nation Average Stats
Population 50-100
Wars Won 0-2

Very Low- Low

Undeveloped Nation Average Stats
Population 100-150
Wars Won 0-3


Growing Nation Average Stats
Population 150-200
Wars Won 1-4
Supplies Very Low Medium
Young Nation Average Stats
Population 106-145
Wars Won 1-5
Supplies Low Medium
Stable Nation Average Stats
Population 200-250
Wars Won 2-6
Supplies Medium Medium
Developing Power Average Stats
Population 250-300
Wars Won 2-7

High Medium

World Power Average Stats
Population 300-400
Wars Won 3-8
Supplies Very Low High


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