Haven Des Deutsch is an older town located in Andaba. It's real name is Raven's Cove, Andaba. The town was  

Haven Des Deutsch

Settlement Type



August 18 1739

Controlled By

The U.I.C.


260 February 19th 1746 est.


The U.I.C.



Real Name

Raven's Cove, Andaba

Mayor/Commanding Officer


attacked by the British in 1740. Jack Daggerstealer, president of the U.I.C., lives in Haven Des Deutsch.

Settling of Haven Des DeutschEdit

Haven Des Deutsch was founded on August 18th 1739 by many families from Prussia including the Daggerstealer and the Bach family. They called the town Haven Des Deutsch, or Port of the German. It was a fast growing and happy town.


On April 17th 1740, King Quinn Searackham of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland sent a letter to Mayor David Bonnet asking them to have the independent town be owned by the British. They refused, as one of the reasons why they created the town was to be independent.


On April 22nd 1740, the British attacked at Noon. Jack Daggerstealer had saw British warships heading to the island, so he ringed the bell and told everybody an attack was coming. After the attack, the British took all the residents that weren't excecuted or did'nt die in combat on a ship. Jack Daggerstealer made a plan, and everybody who got off the ship escaped with his plan, except Amelia Daggerstealer. The British lost one of their best warships, the H.M.S. Elizabeth. Esmerelda Daggerstealer recently found records telling what happened to the people who did not escape.


After the attack, Haven Des Deutsch looked a lot like Raven's Cove. It even got ghosts of people who died. Eventually, the U.I.C. took control of the town and restored it a bit. 


Zigana's Manor- Owned by Jack Daggerstealer

Daggerstealer Cottage- For sale

Fisherman's Shack- For sale


Clubheart Tavern- For sale

Muesum of Haven Des Deutsch- For sale

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