Joseph is captain in the Caribbean First Army " The Steel Army . " He is currently in charge of Fort Sons of Liberty .







The U.I.C.

Actual Name

Brave Falcon


Vachria Tribe (Native Caribbean)

History                                           Edit

Brave Falcon was born in Mid 1717 in the Vachira Swamplands, which was actually a river until the white man came. At the age of 7, he learned to use a Tomahawk, and became very skilled over the next few years. At the age of 17, the white man came and brough Brave Falcon to their base where he met Lord Gears. He was hired into this military, called the East India Trading Company, and was given the name "Joseph". He rose through the ranks very quickly and eventually became a Sergeant, the second-in-command to Captain Ishmael Decksteel of the 83 Marine Special Operations Batallion, being stationed at the Special Forces base, Fort Perdida. Once he turned 23, he decided to return home for a bit, only to find that the EITC had destroyed his village and made it a swamp. He found his way to his house, seeing only half of it intact. He quickly returned to Ishmael and demanded to know why the village was in ruins. In a turn of events, Ishmael's new second in command, Lieutenant Jason Blademorgan shot him off the top floor of the base. 


Joseph now commands Fort Sons of Liberty outside of Daggersteeler City, as a Captain. He serves the U.I.C. and vowes to protect the citizens of the city, and not let what happened at his village happen in Daggerstealer City.