This is the life of Jumbee from his journal:


"I lived on Cuba when Tia Dalma came. She cursed Cuba so whoever lived there while she lived would die.So my parents sent me down the river to the ocean where pirates found and raised me until I was 20. They taught me all that I know. I left and went to Cuba to find my parents. I found out that my parents were dead. Then Blackbeard

raided Cuba. He took all my things from my previous home. I fought Blackbeard to get my parents memorabilia back, but I was killed. Then he raised me from the dead to be a jumbee on his ship. I worked on his crew for 37 years when Captain Nick boarded. We vigorously fought each other. I was surprised to find out that we fought with the same skills and moves. I almost had him when Blackbeard stabbed him. He turned around unharmed and pulled out the sword. He later told me his story about his family and his curse. He swung the sword towards Blackbeard and stopped at his neck. He was about to kill Blackbeard when Blackbeard made him a deal. If half of Blackbeard’s jumbees worked for Nick then he’d let Blackbeard live. So we worked for him for 2 years when Lord Beckett’s Black Guard attacked us and Nick’s good friend, Captain Walter. Captain Rott killed Captain Walter and the Black Guard captured and drowned every jumbee except me. Since then Captain Nick has had his eye on my skills. He became my adopted brother and trained me in his art of fighting. I later worked at Flatts and Flatts, Importers by destroying ships and importing their cargo. After, I met Bill Plunderbones and he hired me to work at the Houses of the Caribbean. After his death, I took over the business and returned it to prosperity. I still train with Captain Nick and am a member of the Silver's Savvy's and Crestsilver's Army. So now I spend most of our time on the shores of Tortuga or at the King’s Arm when I'm not fighting."




Other Facts:

  • Own's 3 ships made from wood from the Queen Anne's Revenge.
  • Head of the Crestsilver's Army Spies.
  • Owns the Padres bar, Skull's Thunder
  • Cannot die (He's a Jumbee).