Operation Volcano War was a operation that started on 1/3/1746. It was a battle between the U.I.C. and some traitors that were once in the U.I.C. During the battle the volcano erupted and killed 1,000's of people. A memorial will be made soon.


The plot of the operation was to gain control of Padres Del Fuego,Angama. It was captured by people who betrayed the U.I.C. The army used was The Caribbean 1st Army or "The Steel Army".

Fleet 1 Edit

Fleet 1 of "The Steel Army" was tasked to use ships to bombard the enemy fort to soften the defenses up. It was succesful until a cannonball hit a ship filled with explosives. Due to some other explosives on other ships, the whole fleet got blown up. It had over 4,500 people in it. After it was bombarded enough they were supposed to keep bringing more men from Andaba.

Division 1Edit

Division 1 was tasked to storm the beaches next to Fort Dundee. They charged across the water heroically even when 20 cannons were taking them out. They were supposed to secure the fort and capture the officers in the fort to lower the morale of the enemy. The last of the people died when the volcano was erupting during the fight for Fort Dundee. After capturing the fort they were supposed to support the troops taking Las Padres.

Division 2Edit

Division 2 was tasked to attack Las Padres. It was thought that it would take at least 2 weeks for Division 2 to capture Las Padres. They fought until the volcano erupted. After securing Las Padres they were supposed to fight any remaining resistance.

Green Mariner Team 1Edit

The Green Mariners, the U.I.C. special forces were tasked to secure Las Pulgas and the caves in Padres Del Fuego.The team sent was  Team 1.  Jack Daggerstealer was and still is in charge of Team 1. Black Jack, the person in charge of the Green Mariners, sent in as much supplies and men as they could.All of the Green Mariners  either died, or suffered severe burns. They lasted until the volcano erupted. After that they were tasked the same as Division 2 after they captured Las Padres.

Volcano EruptionEdit

The volcano on Padres Del Fuego erupted near Dawn on Day 1.It was a large eruption and killed 1,000's of people. The towns on Padres Del Fuego are currently being rebuilt.


A memorial will be scheduled soon to honor those who fought,died, or suffered severe wounds or burns. A smaller memorial will be held for the traitors that suffered one of those.