The Silver Savvy's are the American Province's Special Forces.


  • The LeaderGo to Charles Crestsilver
  • The Mercenary Fighter
  • The InformantGo to Capt. Stone
  • The Brute
  • The SupplierGo to Jumbee

Main Members:Edit

Secondary Members:Edit

  • Christopher - The Spy
  • Jade Stormrose - The Medic
  • (deceased) Bill Plunderbones - The Cover-Up

The RelationsEdit

It may come as a shock to you to know that most of the Silver's Savvy's members are related. Charles Crestsilver's cousins are Capt. Stone and Captain Nick. This means that Capt. Stone and Captain Nick are brothers. Jumbee is an... "adopted" brother to Captain Nick. This makes Jumbee "half-brother" to Capt. Stone and "half-cousin" to Charles Crestsilver. Christopher was Bill's son before Bill passed away. Bill was practically an adopted father to Jumbee. So Jumbee is Christopher's "half-brother". Jade used to be Charles's girlfriend and Brownbeard is her uncle. Recap:

  • Charles Crestsilver = Capt. Stone's cousin, Captain Nick's cousin, Jumbee's half-cousin, Jade's ex-boyfriend, Brownbeard's ex-nephew, Bill's eighth-nephew, and Christopher's quarter-cousin.
  • Brownbeard the Great = Charles's ex-uncle-in-law, Capt. Stone's ex-half-uncle-in-law, Captain Nick ex-half-uncle-in-law, Jumbee's ex-quarter-uncle-in-law, Christopher's ex-eighth-uncle-in-law, Jade's uncle, and Bill's half-brother-in-law.
  • Capt. Stone = Charles's cousin, Brownbeard's ex-half-nephew, Captain Nick's brother, Jumbee's half-brother, Christopher's eighth-brother, Jade's ex-cousin-in-law, and Bill's half-nephew.
  • Captain Nick = Charles's cousin, Brownbeard's ex-half-nephew-in-law, Capt. Stone's brother, Jumbee's half-brother, Christopher's eighth-brother, Jade's ex-cousin-in-law, and Bill's half-nephew.
  • Jumbee = Charles's half-cousin, Brownbeard's ex-quarter-nephew-in-law, Capt. Stone's half-brother, Captain Nick's half-brother, Christopher's half-brother, Jade's ex-half-cousin-in-law, and Bill's half-son.
  • Christopher = Charles's quarter-cousin, Brownbeard's ex-eighth-nephew-in-law, Capt. Stone's eighth-brother, Captain Nick's eighth-brother, Jumbee's half-brother, Jade's ex-eighth-cousin-in-law, Bill's son.
  • Jade Stormrose = Charles's ex-girlfriend, Brownbeard's niece, Capt. Stone's ex-cousin-in-law, Captain Nick's ex-cousin-in-law, Jumbee's ex-half-cousin-in-law, Christopher's ex-eighth-cousin-in-law, and Bill's ex-half-niece-in-law.
  • Bill Plunderbones = Charles's eighth-uncle, Brownbeard's half-brother-in-law, Capt. Stone's half-uncle, Captain Nick's half-uncle, Jumbee's half-father, Christopher's father, and Jade's ex-half-uncle-in-law.

The MeetingsEdit

(To Be Continued)

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