Emmaf And Jack Daggerstealer Find Maps of Lost Treasure In Prussia[1]Edit

Emmaf and Jack Daggerstealer are finding maps to a lost treausre that lies in Prussia. There are many legendary weapons and other things here. They will find it.

More To Be Told[2]Edit

I will update this page alot. Emma and I are looking and looking.

The Sword of A Ruler[3]Edit

They found maps to the first place which has a legendary sword called the Sword of A Ruler . it has been found by Jack Daggerstealer and Emmaf.

Map To The Time Portal[4]Edit

We have found a map to what is called a "Time Portal." It said that you can travel in time. I then found the portal.Next to it was a paper saying that I must find The Dagger of Shakespeare, The Diamond Creator, and The Axe of Tamriel. 

The Axe of TamrielEditEdit

The Axe of Tamriel had a map located next to the Time Portal. It says that next to it is the map to The Diamond Creator. It is said their is a different diminesion with the planet Nirn. On it is a continent called Tamriel.I must found a portal to "Tamriel" and find a "Khajiiti the axe in a place called "Elsweyr" and kill a "Khajiiti" named Ri,Taab. I must steal his keys to his house and then find a map that will lead me to a place called Skyrim and in a person called "The Dragonborn"  and find his house called Lakeview Manor. In their I must go to Runa. Runa is a young girl. She will give me the axe that she found when playing outside and give you a map to the "Imperial City" in "Cyrodil" where a portal can be activated using the axe that sends us back to The Caribbean on Earth in our diminesion.