The U.I.C. Civil War started on 2/19/1746. Andoso rebelled against the U.I.C. and declared war on them.       

The U.I.C. Civil War

War Type

Civil War

Team One

The U.I.C.

Team Two

Andoso Rebels

Team One Commanders

Jack Daggerstealer, Charlotte Swordhayes, and Charles Crestsilver,

Team Two Commanders

Elizabeth Jackson


Andoso rebelled against the U.I.C. because they claimed the U.I.C. does not care about them. They then declared war on the U.I.C., attacking it's capital, Daggerstealer City .


The War Begins 2/19/1746Edit

Andoso quits the U.I.C., and declares war.

Bombardment of Daggerstealer City 2/20/1746Edit

Andoson ships start bombarding Fort Sons of Liberty and other parts of Daggerstealer City to get ready for an attack on Daggerstealer City.

Call for All MenEdit

The U.I.C. calls for all soldiers stationed in Fort Sons of Liberty to get online and battle.

Operation Daggerstealer City DefenseEdit

An attack on Daggerstealer City has begun. The U.I.C. has made an operation to defend it.