The U.I.C. Freedom Party is the first Freedom Party. 


  • Illegal Slavery
  • Representation/Universal Sufferage goverment
  • Free Speech allowed
  • Free Religion allowed
  • All people should be equal. Any segeration is illegal
  • We should always select the best person for canidate. Not like the current desperate Democratic party that put Obama as a canidate
  • War is disliked
  • Voting is always allowed
  • We want to make most countries that are Monarchies no longer Monarchies
  • Our main goal is to have freedom and equality.

Members ( Ranked in order of join date )Edit

Apply for the  U.I.C. Freedom PartyEdit

Answer these questions in the comments.


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What you dislike in the U.I.C.:

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The questions below are questions like if someone tried to murder your best friend or something.

Someone attempts to murder you. If you pick the punishment, what would it be?

You are a canidate for president of the U.I.C. You lose to a opponent. How would you react and what would you do?

You are president of the U.I.C. A country declares war on you. You ask them why. He answers "Because I want territory." What would the letter you send back say? ( This is one of the only parts of the wiki that full cussing is allowed. No sexual language though. )

History of The U.I.C. Freedom PartyEdit

1/24/1746 The U.I.C. Freedom Party was founded by Jack Daggerstealer, the President of the U.I.C.

1/24/1746 The U.I.C. currently has a president who is in the U.I.C. Freedom Party.

1/24/1746 Charles Crestsilver joins.

1/24/1746 Charles Crestsilver leaves.

1/25/1746 Jack Sharkskull joins.

1/25/1746 Jack Daggerstealer is picked as the candidate for President of the U.I.C.

2/25/1746 Everybody leaves the Freedom Party.