The U.I.C. council decides on things. It has the leader from each nation under U.I.C. control.


  • Jack Daggerstealer
  • Charles Crestsilver
  • Amelia Daggerstealer
  • Charlotte Swordhayes (Demoting may happen soon)


Name:Charlotte SwordHayes

Role-Play Date of Birth:1725, May 17

Race: British

Province: ?????

Would you like to lead a guild in the U.I.C.? Of Course

Name of the guild if so: Spanish Brigade

Unlimited or Basic Access:Unlimited at the moment

How active can you be in-game?Very

How active can you be on the wiki?Very

Do you understand the responsibilities of leading a nation?Very Clearly

Do you understand that we can vote you out of the council?Very Clearly

What will you do to improve the U.I.C.?I will add soliers ( both strong and weak ( for weak usuallu are smart ) )

What do you like about the U.I.C.?The excitement

What do you dislike about the U.I.C.?When the president ( Jack Daggersteal ) gets mad he gets very annoying and he seems to be acting a bit suspicious according to most of my sources but anyway anyhow until further notice I will obey most of his commands. Also i think the members should be on way more often! My sources are telling me the U.I.C. is in big trouble.

Fill out the application in comments!

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