The United CountriesEdit

We are united countries. We work together. Each country sends their leader and a person of the leader's choosing to be at U.C. meetings . 


Nation Leader Ranking
The United Islands of the Caribbean Jack Daggerstealer High Council
The United States of America/Thirteen Colonies Charles Crestsilver High Council
The Freedomate of Spain Charlotte Swordhayes High Council
The Monarchy of Prussia Amelia Daggerstealer Low Council
Tsardom of Russia Sam Darkwalker Low Council
Ottoman Empire Matthew O'malley Low Council
The Monarchy of Portugal Halle Low Council

High and Low CouncilEdit

The High Council are founders and/or great contributing members. ( not to the wiki, but the world and U.C. ) The High Council get some more priveleges such as being able to call a conference. Low Council members are just people in the U.C.

Meetings & ConferencesEdit

Conferences are large meetings. Meetings are when all or alot of members of the U.C. meet to discuss something.

Meeting #1 " Introduction Meeting "Edit

People Who Can Make It
Who Yes or No
Jack Daggerstealer-U.I.C. Yes ( duh! )
Charlotte Swordhayes-Spain Yes
Sam Darkwalker-Russia Yes
Charles Crestsilver-The United States Yes

I, Jack Daggerstealer of the U.I.C., schedule a U.C. meeting for 3/2/1746 at 2:30 Central Standard Time. It will introduce all the members of the U.C. to each other, and come up with deals. The meeting will be at June Gear Residence, Port Royal, Lempona. Lempona is the server that if we do have a main server for the U.C., it will most likely be Lempona.


Resolution #1 Server for the U.C.Edit

The Votes so Far
Yes 4
No 2

The U.I.C.- I believe that we should pick a server for the U.C. to own and have its military there. Please reply soon.

U.S.A.- I personally reject the idea of just 1 server. I understand you want to base your armies there but enemies could be on another server or just that each person has a prefered server. I humbly reject this notion

The U.I.C.- Well, the military will be based there, and meetings will be there, but attacks will be on any enemy server. 

Prussia- I believe we should pick a single server.

Russia-  I believe we should refuse the idea of having one server, there are more stragetic positions on having more. 

The U.I.C.- Well, I want a server where we are based, but have a base on all the major servers and all servers with a country on it.

Spain- I think we should be based on a server. Preferably quiet.

The U.I.C.- Yes, exactly a quiet server, I'm thinking Lempona if so.

Portugal- I think we should pick a server.

The U.I.C. - This passes. Let's decide on a server.

Passed ResolutionsEdit

Military of the U.C.Edit

The U.C. has a military to keep peace and defend the countries. All countries in the U.C. sends some soldiers to the U.C. The designated server for the U.C. and its military is being decided.

What Should the U.C. Work on?Edit

It has been voted that we will find more countries to join us.