• Would you vote for someone who would would support your sick, poor, and elderly?
  • Would you vote for someone who is leading one of the major armies of the U.I.C.?
  • Would you vote for someone who created and leads 4 U.I.C. groups and leads many more?
  • Would you vote for someone who isn't afraid of a fight (no matter the opponents strength)?
  • Would you vote for someone who opposes war unless absolutely necessary for peace?
  • Would you vote for someone on the U.I.C. council?
  • Would you want someone who is a great speaker and negotiator for president?
  • Would you want someone who will personally help you with any problem you have?
  • Would you vote for someone who tells the truth of the Caribbean through a newspaper (Liberty's News)

If this is you, Charles Crestsilver is your guy for president! Vote February 25, 1746 to  March 16, 1746 on Vote:President of The U.I.C.


Silver's Savvys flag

Flag of Silver's Savvys: Charles's personal team to help with YOUR needs.

Crestsilver's Army flag

Flag of Crestsilver's Army: Major army of the U.I.C. Fights for Freedom!

Lord Goldtimbers

Charles forcing Goldtimbers to make peace with the U.I.C.

Charles Crestsilver

Charles Crestsilver: The COmmon Man's President!

C.A Spies flag

Flag of the C.A. Spies: Sneak around to find the truth for YOU!

Co. Sons of Liberty flag

Flag of Co. Sons of Liberty: Guild that fights EITC and oppression!

Charles Crestsilver 2

Charles Crestsilver saddened from all the people in need of help.

American flag

Flag of America: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

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