Christmas Day 1746Edit

For Christmas Jack was given The History of Earth From Ancient to Present by Vizzy Nevarone. He was reading it when suddenly a knife came straight toward his head. He caught it! He could not believe it.He then threw the knife at the assassins head and investigated the body. He found a note. Holy Crap! He yelled as he read that Breasly was sending a assassin over to kill them. They hated each other but he never thought Breasly would do that on Christmas. He ran out to find a company of Brits sieging the area. A soldier just about shot his wife,Hunter but he shot him right before. Jack ran to get more troops. He got a whole army of troops. They drove the Brits back. Jack and some elite troops went to kill John Breasly. They got to his ship and a giant firefight started. Jack killed Breasly after being stabbed in the leg. He got back home. He went to sleep quickly. He awoke to the sound of people whispering. He ran outside with a pistol and shot a Brit right in the head. He then grabbed his sword and fought the assasins. He killed them quickly.

December 26th 1746Edit

Jack woke up and started reading. He went onto the balcony. He saw a man with a rifle and ducked, hiding behind the wall. It was a trap he would regret falling into. When he was hiding a man came up and stabbed him right next to the heart. The man was shot and Jack told his wife goodbye. They kissed then Jack died right there.


The U.I.C. was in chaos. They could not stand Jack's death. Many people commited suicide. The U.I.C. was unrest for the short rest of it's life.